How To Striptease

How To Striptease

A good man is hard to find. This man you are with treats you well, has a job and is deeply and madly in love with you. To add to this, he is even good in bed. There is nothing more you could ask for. Well, you can return the favor and do a sexy dance for him called the striptease.

A strip tease is always seen in movies as sweaty gyrating by busty, beautiful, and anatomically perfect women on poles, chairs or laps.

However, it doesnt mean that you cant do it for him in the security of your own home. And, of course, there is the natural shyness that comes with the combination of being naked in front of your partner and the embarrassment of dancing.

With these simple steps you can soon become the stripper he dreams about. Shed each layer of clothing confidently with every beat of the music. You are a star in his eyes and now its time to show that you can shake it.

Get in the mood. Your mood will be the key ingredient in a successful striptease. Get in the mood by making yourself feel pretty. You can achieve this by putting on makeup or buying a nice dress. You can also buy sexy underwear to gain a little bit more confidence being naked. Some exercise would also help in toning the body for an even more beautiful show. You dont have to have a models body but a healthy body is sexy enough. Get in the right mood and get turned on and soon your partner will share your feelings.

Set the environment. The environment can be a powerful tool in achieving the sexiness of a striptease. Light some candles to make it romantic. The music is also important. Pick music that is easy to dance with. Strong beats and a medium pace will ensure that you hear each beat and you wont have to dance too fast. Find a comfortable place where you can lock the door. Being able to lock the room can help your confidence because of the security it brings knowing that nobody will inadvertently enter the room. When you have the place ready, it is time to start dancing.

Dance. Dancing does not have to be very complicated. Start slowly and always maintain eye contact. The dance is not that important. What are important, though are the intentions that come with the dance. You are supposed to have some fun. Try some simple steps like shuffling you feet and swaying your behind. To learn more about the dance itself, watch movies like Flashdance and Strip Tease.

Take off your clothes. The key term in striptease is tease. Take off the clothes slowly. Start with your top and rip the blouse open. This should excite your partner like no other. For added effect, throw the clothes toward your partner and watch for his reaction. Then remove your skirt, again, slowly and teasingly. Remove the rest of the clothes while continuing to dance and keeping eye contact.

And, there, you have just finished your foray into strip tease. Continue to practice and soon enough you can go into this professionally. If you have no intention of doing it on a professional level, it is totally okay because stripping for your partner is about having fun and getting closer with your special someone.