Boys Before Flowers Videos and Lyrics

Boys Before Flowers Videos and Lyrics

Are you looking for the ROMANIZED Lyrics of the Boys Before Flowers Official Sound Tracks? Well then youve come to the right place. You can find the lyrics and videos of their sound tracks here. Enjoy! dont forget to leave me a message ^_^ thanks.

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NOTE: ALL Lyrics posted in this lens were available in Hanggul. This lens was made for the benefit of those who cannot understand the Korean Alphabet. ALL Romanization of the lyrics were done by the owner of this lens unless specified.

Join Jandi and the Boys of F4 as they learn the true meaning of friendship and love in the hit comedy sweeping across Asia. Jandi is a brave high school girl who fights for the rights of others no matter the cost. When she defends a friend against the elite Boys of F4 Flower 4, they target Jandi as their next victim. But nothing stops Jandi. She fights back and wins the admiration of the extravagantly wealthy boys. In a comedy filled with entanglements and adventure, Jandi never stops helping others. And F4 never stops rescuing her! The Boys of F4 may be loyal to each other, but they all lose their hearts to Jandi.

Boys Over Flowers is based on the hugely popular Japanese manga, Hana Yori Dango, by Yoko Kamio. The Korean TV adaptation dominated the ratings and continues to win fans with its combination of laughter, thrills and romance.